Pillow Talk series part 2

Love can be a mother for ya.  I tell you when some of us love, we love hard.  Love to some of us is being around a person every waking moment.  Our love for a person means we know how they smell, we know what they’ve eaten.  We notice when they are different meaning we notice when they have broken their fingernail.  Love makes us do strange things.  Others will say that the things we do are strange, but to us it is not strange.  It is what love has told us to do.  Here is a short story.  Leaving your house at 3 AM in the morning to spy on the one you love and when you get there getting ready to spy at them looking through the window, you hear sirens in the distance getting closer and closer.  You ask yourself are the police coming for me!  The sirens get closer and closer and then those annoying sirens coming from several police cars turn down the same street you are on and they are traveling at a high rate of speed, out of fright you take off running away from the house you were spying into sprinting down the street and almost getting hit by the fugitive and police vehicles.  How ironic is that to almost get caught up in a fugitive police pursuit turning into a dumb pedestrian getting run over and killed all in the name of love.  Yes that really happened to me.  An incident may not have happened like that to you, but something similar may have and that still wasn’t enough to help you in stopping your stalking ways in the name of love.  That is not love nor is it a loving way.  If you have to follow, check, keep track, smell certain parts of clothing and set traps on the one you say you love, it is not love and you don’t need to be in that relationship.  Here is a very important question, how did you get that way that you would act that way?  Who did something to you?  Who taught you that love is that way?  I listened to someone and that is why I was that way about love.  Stupid me. We are so easily influenced by others who look us in the eye and we believe them and engrave their advice in our hearts, but because we don’t see the Lord and read only his words that we don’t take his words to heart and we don’t think that they are strong enough to hold a person to love them and they love us back.  That short story is in my book, “Fly, with Me” published under Cortney Edwards.  Get your copy today on Amazon.com

Author: Cortney R. Edwards

I'm the author of Extraordinary Happenings on the Edge of Lunacy. I am also the author of "Lunacy Sneezed on my Family" and "Fly, With Me" under my name Cortney Edwards. Lunacy Sneezed on my Family has 20,000 extra words and lots of photos and is the republish of my first book "Extraordinary." I'm here to ease your mind about mental health and romance. I'm not a professional expert, but I do have over 40 years of experience in both fields. Mental illness and Romance are complex subjects and both can be difficult, hard and complex so let me help you.

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